Hollywood minute: Marvel marks 10th anniv.

Added On February 11, 2018

A film studio is celebrating an anniversary... And when they threw a party, everyone showed up! 
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"It's a little bit like being drafted to a sports team that has a legacy of championship banners. It's a dream come true."
"Looking around the room, like, what did I do to deserve this?"
What a lineup! Marvel studios just posted this video of an October photo shoot featuring more than 80 actors and filmmakers from the marvel cinematic universe. The reveal kicks off a sweepstakes marking the 10-year anniversary of the MCU.
The first teaser trailer for the comic book movie "Venom" is causing controversy. Tom Hardy stars as a photographer who changes into a frightening creature. But as a lot of disappointed fans complained online, thre's not a single shot of Hardy as Venom in the teaser! 
Others pointed out that the movie doesn't hit theaters until October, and there's plenty of work yet to be done on the film. Even Hardy hit instagram to tell fans "We're just getting started."