"Peter Rabbit" in theater

Added On February 11, 2018

Generations of children grew up on Beatrix Potter's stories of a rabbit who just couldn't stay out of the local farmer's garden. 
Director, producer and co-writer Will Gluck channels the author's earnestness into a sweet film sure to delight young fans.
The movie starts with Peter Rabbit disobeying his parents' rules and sneaking into Old Mr. McGregor's vegetable garden for a snack.
Old Mr. McGregor chased Peter and his friend Benjamin Bunny and had a heart attack. 
Peter assumes all their problems are solved — until McGregor's great-nephew moves in.
There's enough entertainment for parents in the movie and plenty of good-natured humor for children. 
"Peter Rabbit", a Columbia Pictures release, is rated PG by the Motion Picture Association of America "for some rude humor and action."