Museum of broken relationships in Croatia

Added On February 12, 2018

In Croatia.
There is a museum specially dedicated to love that went wrong.
Let's go and find out the secret.
As the must-go place in Zagreb, the Museum of Broken Relationships emerged when the co-founder's relationship came to an end.
Then the ex-couple Drazen Grubisic and Olinka Vistica decided to collect the objects that left behind a broken relationship.
Along the way, they received donations from various countries such as the Philippines, and the U.S..
SOUNDBITE (English) DRAZEN GRUBISIC, Co-founder of the museum 
"It's a love museum but maybe just upside down because you get to look at love when it is gone, but I think it is the sincerest view of it in a way because you don't have your pink glasses on. It is pretty real."
The exhibits consist of objects of high emotional value, raging from a man's belt to a bride's dress and a broken mirror.
SOUNDBITE 2 (English) DRAZEN GRUBISIC, Co-founder of the museum  
"Definitely one of the favorites is the axe that we got in Berlin, which talks about love that fell apart and the girl bought the axe and chopped the furniture of the other person in little pieces when she was away and gave it to her in bags neatly packed. It says it promoted the axe to the therapeutical instrument." 
The museum is especially popular on Valentine's day.  
SOUNDBITE (English) DRAZEN GRUBISIC, Co-founder of the museum 
"This is like our holiday, I must say. Both, the visits to the museum and the press coverage, they all spike during Valentine's day. Yeah, it is connected to love, of course. It makes sense."
In 2016, the first branch of the Zagreb Museum of Broken Relationships was opened in Los Angeles, United States.