Company news

Added On February 13, 2018

Turning to some company news.
The Sino-German auto joint venture FAW-Volkswagen is to roll out seven new Audi models of new energy vehicles in China by 2020.
A statement issued by the company said the first high-end electric SUV Audi produced in China will be among the new models.
It is an electric sports utility vehicle (SUV) with a 500-km range. 
According to the statement, the company will also lease Audi vehicles to companies or individual clients, including services at airport.
Chinese carmakers have invested heavily in the new energy vehicle sector that the country had started work on a timetable to phase out fossil fuel cars.
Major brands, including Volvo and Chang'an, will stop selling traditional fossil fuel cars in the next few years and fully be engaged in new energy cars. 
The European aviation and defense company has accepted a penalty notice issued by the Munich Public Prosecutor.
It agreed to pay 81.25 million euros.
The investigation on alleged bribery related to the sale of Eurofighter aircraft to Austria started in 2012. 
The company said that the result of the investigation "did not confirm the allegations of bribery".