Spring Festival celebrations worldwide Lunar New Year concert in Kiev

Added On February 13, 2018

In Kiev, a Lunar New Year concert was thrown for Chinese and Ukrainian students in Borys Grynchenko Kiev University.
About 50 participants presented a mix of traditional Chinese and Ukrainian songs and dances. 
Many performances incorporated elements of both Chinese and Ukrainian culture. 
SOUNDBITE (Russian): LERA TESLYA, Participant
"There are many students from China here and I enjoy communication with them, we always stick together." 
Born in a small town in Ukraine's eastern region, Teslya never imagined that one day she will get a lot of friends from China, a remote country with different culture and customs.
During the three weeks of rehearsals, Teslya made a real friendship with a Chinese dancing teacher Zhang Li, who provided workshops on Chinese dancing to a group of Ukrainian students.
SOUNDBITE (Russian): LERA TESLYA, Participant
"She is very kind, gentle and beautiful. She teaches us how to properly behave on the stage. Despite the fact that we are Ukrainians, and she is a Chinese, we understand each other very well."
For her part, Zhang said she learned a lot about the Ukrainian culture during the preparations for the concert and got along with Ukrainian youth.
SOUNDBITE (Chinese ): ZHANG LI, Participant
"Ukrainian students are very sincere and diligent. I really like them. They are very smart and they learn fast."
The participants of the concert showcased their dexterity in playing musical instruments such as the lute, the piano, and the violin.
Wang Dajun, the first secretary of educational affairs at the Chinese Embassy in Ukraine, said the concert is an opportunity for Chinese students to better understand the Ukrainian culture and Ukrainian people.
SOUNDBITE (Russian ): WANG DAJUN, Official, Chinese Embassy in Ukraine
"Cultural exchanges are very important for students. Our students, who study in Ukraine, must adapt to Ukrainian situation, Ukrainian life and Ukrainian culture. Culture reflects the mentality of the people." 
Meanwhile, a guest of the concert Alexandra Stryzhak said that the event provided them a chance to learn about Chinese traditions of celebrating New Year.
SOUNDBITE (Russian): ALEXANDRA SRTYZHAK, Guest of the concert    
"We do not have so many sources from which we can get information about China. Most Ukrainians have superficial knowledge about this country. So, this concert is an excellent opportunity to understand, to see, to feel and to fall in love with China." 
Victor Ognevyuk, the rector of Borys Grynchenko Kiev University said that China's Belt and Road Initiative, which was joined by Ukraine, provides all opportunities for the youth of the two countries to deepen their friendship.
SOUNDBITE (Ukrainian): VICTOR OGNEVYUK, Rector of Borys Grynchenko Kiev University   
"The Belt and Road Initiative unites our nations and shows the path for moving forward by cooperating and helping each other."