Taoray Wang Runway Show at NY Fashion Week

Added On February 13, 2018

Chinese fashion designer Wang Tao has released her latest collection of "Enlightenment Empress" at the ongoing New York Fashion Week.
Produced by the namesake design house Taoray Wang, the collection tries to mix opposites of classic and modern, East and West, in vibrant colors including traditional military olive green and striking Russian red.
The inspiration comes from Catherine the Great, Empress of Russia, who presided over the age of the Russian Enlightenment. 
SOUNDBITE(Chinese): WANG TAO, Chinese designer
"My first major is history and that's why I like to review upon historical figures. I found Catherine the Great very interesting after watching a program. She was Russia's first czarina, also the first one that introduced the achievements of the Renaissance to Russia.  She added female elements into military uniform design, which gave me great touches, so I decided to use this to release my new collection."
Military uniform, often the symbol of men's power, is now brought back by Wang Tao as armor grace with feminine decorations softening bold lines.
Wang said her brand was created for women who are not afraid to show their femininity.
SOUNDBITE(Chinese): WANG Tao, Chinese designer
"Since the first collection of Taoray Wang, I have been dedicated to designing suits for worldwide woman leaders. I think they are able to fulfill their duty as well as male leaders. Don't be afraid to show your feminine charm and be ready to be an excellent female leader."
According to Wang, the trends of customers' needs are changing at fast pace, especially in China. 
Chinese customers have developed sharper sensations toward fashion, and their aesthetic standards have become more divided, abandoning conformity.
SOUNDBITE(Chinese) WANG TAO, Chinese designer:
"With the economic development of China, more and more people around the world start to pay close attention to Chinese designs. As a Chinese designer, I'm so glad to embrace this opportunity. I look forward to seeing more super-quality Chinese brands coming to international stage."