WTO: World trade to sustain momentum

Added On February 14, 2018

The trade recovery of 2017 should continue with solid trade volume growth in the first quarter of this year. 
That's according to the World Trade Organization's latest World Trade Outlook Indicator.
The indicator's current value of 102.3 is little changed from the 102.2 recorded in November, showing steady merchandise trade volume growth.       
Strong results for air freight, container shipping and export orders, particularly suggest that, while the trade recovery may moderate in due course, it will likely continue in the coming months and remain above trend.
The World Trade Outlook Indicator component indices are mostly favorable. 
Container port throughput and air freight are firmly above trend, indicating strong current shipments of goods.
Meanwhile, export orders have reached their highest level since 2011, pointing to sustained recovery.
Weaker results are observed for automotive products, agricultural raw materials and electronic components, which could indicate a weakening of consumer sentiment.