US to commercialize international Space Station

Added On February 14, 2018

American space agency NASA has said the direct federal government support of the International Space Station will be ended in 2025 with a transition to commercialization of low Earth orbit.
NASA made the statement in its 2019 Fiscal Year Budget Estimates released on Monday.
NASA said it is "redirecting funding to innovative new programs and providing additional funding to support new public-private initiatives".
The move will turn the joint space project, which is participated by multiple space agencies in America, Russia, Japan, EU and Canada, to the private sector.
In its budget request submitted to Congress, NASA said it will begin a new 150 million dollars program for new commercial Low Earth orbital platforms and capabilities for use by the private sector and NASA.
NASA proposes to allocate nearly 53 percent of its 19.9 billion U.S. dollars budget to an "innovative, sustainable" campaign that can return humans to the Moon.
This year's total budget is 800 million dollars larger than that in 2018, but the money for the International Space Station is slightly smaller than last year.