Chinese puppet show in Mexico

Added On February 14, 2018

Two of China's leading puppeteer groups have arrived in Mexico - just in time for the Chinese New Year.  

The Guangdong Puppet Art Theater Company and the Guangzhou Song and Dance Theater hail from Guangdong province, in South China, where Lingnan puppetry first developed.
Lingnan puppets are large, richly dressed puppets. Unlike other puppet shows, the operators don't hide behind a curtain - but dance and interact, and become a part of the show.  
The groups performed a number of well known routines, such as: 'Prosperity Betrayed by the Phoeniz and the Dragon Longfeng,' and 'The White Lotus Flower'.  
The groups have toured inside and outside of China for seven decades. Now they're bringing this centuries-old tradition to Mexico - to the delight of locals.
"For us, it's very important because we have an objective of being the cultural center of the Valley of Mexico and of course these events really help us reach this objective. And beyond this, well, they make us feel closer to China. China is far, territorially speaking, but today it's been shown that through art and culture, well, people can get closer."
SOUNDBITE(Spanish): ZHUANG LIXIAO, Cultural counselor of Chinese Embassy: 
"We have more than a dozen cultural events, even in Mexico City, as it is the capital, and we are very thankful for the efforts made by the municipal government of Tlalnepantla in undertaking this wonderful event."
Puppets have been a part of Chinese culture for around 3000 years, with moveable puppets known to have existed since at least the Han dynasty 2,000 years ago.