Brazil mud carnival

Added On February 14, 2018

To Brazil now, and quite possibly the messiest carnival in the world. 
"Bloco da Lama" is Brazil's mud carnival - where hundreds of locals now come each year to slather mud all over themselves.
Lifestyles takes you there.
Paraty is about 250 kilometers along the coast from Rio de Janeiro.  
It's a quaint town, full of cobble-stoned streets and 16th century colonial architecture.  
Much like its bigger neighbour - Paraty is also a carnival town. Only here, the event is a lot messier.
SOUNDBITE1(Portuguese):NEE, Visitor
"The mud came about 32 years ago when five friends, were joking, catching crabs in the mangroves over there. They all got covered with mud and they couldn't recognize each other. It was a Carnival Saturday and when they arrived at the city, they started to be seen as something different."
Compared to other grand Carnivals in Brazil, the one here is a fantastical, cheap, and full of endless fun.
Children, adults, seniors, even animals, come to submerge themselves in a sea of mud. Others jump in it as it were water.
The mood is light. 
It might look dirty - but lots swear by the mud's medicinal properties. 
SOUNDBITE2(Portuguese): ALESSANDRA, Visitor
"I have a dermatological ailment, and thank God, in the five years that I've been coming here and participating, I have to be grateful, because today I'm cured."
And after the big mud festival - the even bigger clean-up.