Rome celebrates Chinese New Year

Added On February 14, 2018

The Chinese embassy in Italy held its annual festivities to promote Chinese culture in Italy and celebrate the Chinese New Year.
A special show was performed at Rome's Piazza del Popolo, attracting thousands of people.
Chinese Embassador Li Ruiyu gave a speech as part of the New Year festivities, and also praised the friendship between China and Italy.
Virginia Raggi, Rome's city mayor of Rome also expressed her best wishes to the Chinese people. 
Many of the spectators expressed their interest in Chinese culture and the future of Sino-Italian relations.
SOUNDBITE(English): CLAUDIUS MURPHY, Italian Reporter 
"As far as I know, because I have a lot of friends dealing with China in certain fields like imports and exports or technology, they say Italy has got a long term strategy. So maybe at this point we should enchance  our links with China in institutional fields through embassies or cultural institutions. Or maybe common citizens for exmaple if you have a certain amount of citizens that can speak Chinese language so it's a natrual bridge to another country. And now there are plenty of opportunities."
SOUNDBITE(Chinese): EMANUELE MARSILI, Foreign employee of China Eastern Airlines  
"I think Chinese Spring Festival is equivalent to Italy's Christmas. And it provides a very good opportunity to unite with families and friends. For Chinese it is very important. I spent the festival in China last year. Although I won't be in China this year, I'm so happy to join the event today. As today's performance is very wonderful, I'm pleased to spend the festival with my Italian and Chinese friends."