Valentine's Day in Chile

Added On February 16, 2018

Valentine's Day is being celebrated all over the world, including in Chile.
The country is currently facing sweltering heat, but over half of the population is celebrating the special occasion regardless.
A flower shop in capital Santiago started business 60 years ago.  
The busiest day of the year is Valentine's Day.
SOUNDBITE(Spanish)SONIA ARANGUIZ,Owner of Jardin Souvenir flower shop: 
"Well, this day is the most special of the year and it has been really moving.  The difference for us is that, as an established shop, we begin to receive orders earlier, so sales have been going on since last Friday, when we started taking orders."
Latan Cargo, the Chilean-Brazilian airline, has shipped over 9,500 tons of flowers to the country for Valentine's Day.
Many of the flowers have come from Ecuador and Colombia.  
Many Chilean couples have special plans for the holiday.  
The country's civil registry shows many more couples are expected to get married or be joined in a civil union. Around 500 people, compared to the average 192, are set to tie the knot this Valentine's Day.