Iraqi refugee fashion show in Jordan

Added On March 5, 2018

A special fashion show has been held in Amman, the capital city of Jordan, displaying colorful dresses designed and tailored by Iraqi refugee girls.
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A group of 20 displaced Iraqi refugee girls named their fashion brand as "Rafedin", which means the two main rivers, the Tigris and the Euphrates in Iraq.
SOUNDBITE(Arabic): GHIED ALYSSO, Member of Rafedin girls
"It's a new experience we managed to learn in our life and we will make the best use of it in the future. We learned a lot how to design fashion,  and for sure we got the best use of time otherwise wasting our life here. Now we are waiting to travel to another country."
The project Rafedin was established in 2016 by an Italian priest and two seamstresses from southern Italy. It is aiming at helping the Iraqi refugee girls to learn a skill in Jordan before continuing the life in another country.
With the help of five Italian and Jordanian tailors, the project ensured professional training including the art of fashion design, sewing and packaging.
"This project started 2 years ago and today we make this fashion show. It was wonderful because we are very proud of ourselves and I get a few girls because they show that even if they were rejected they can make wonderful things. So we are very proud of them and very happy about this evening that many people come and enjoy it with us, I'm very happy also for the girls because I saw the real Joy in their eyes and this is very important to me."
The fashion designs "Rafedin" is unique with Italian cuts and patterns on fabrics, typically oriental colors combining Middle-Eastern color and tradition with Western taste.
The dresses made by Rafedin girls will be shown at the Italian Cerignola,  with all dresses feature the label "Made by Iraqi Girls".
SOUNDBITE(English): STEFANO SEVERE, UNHCR Jordan representative
"I think it is a one opportunity but I think we have seen increasingly  that we are trying to find different platforms where refugees can show their talents in many forms. And of course in today's world where we have media and also websites I think this is also an opportunity to go beyond just the small microcosmic in the host country but also maybe to show beyond. We speak one of the Jordanian organizations is also promoting refugees is having a show in London, so as you see it goes beyond just the host country."