Italy general election

Added On March 5, 2018

Italians went to the pools to renew the parliament on Sunday, in a vote seen as both crucial and highly unpredictable.
Initial exit polls of Italy's national election showed on Sunday that former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's center-right coalition was set to win the most votes but might fall short of a majority.
According to exit polls conducted by RAI state television, Berlusconi's four-party coalition was expected to win 33-36 percent of the ballots, followed by the anti-establishment Five Star Movement with 29-32 percent.
Italy's Interior Ministry said the turnout for the election that ended at 11 p.m. local time was about 74 percent.  
"The main reason I came to vote is to keep Italy in a united Europe, I want a strong Italy, of course, but within Europe... (delete)And I felt this was the right time for us pro-Europeans to make out voice heard. "
"For me, the most important things yet to achieve are: equal rights for homosexual couples, a new law to grant citizenship right to children of migrants, more liberal policies on bio-ethical issues, and more economic support to the poor, but also to the middle-class that has been destroyed by the economic crisis."   
Italians were called on to choose their representatives in the 315-member Senate and the 630-seat Lower House for a five-year term under a new electoral system. 
Final results of the election are expected to be released on Monday.
ible to vote to choose 618 deputies and 309 senators.