SPD backs coaliton with Merkel's union

Added On March 5, 2018

Germany will finally have a new government as the Social Democratic Party (SPD) on Sunday voted in favor of a government coalition with Chancellor Angela Merkel's Conservative Union.
In the internal referendum of the SPD members, over 66 percent of ballots voted for "yes", with a high participation rate of 78.39 percent.
SPD acting party leader Olaf Scholz said the party has again united together, adding that he has informed Chancellor Merkel by phone about the result.
The SPD's approval ended the five-month-long political stalemate and cleared way for Germany's new government after the Sept. 24 Federal Parliament elections.
It helped Europe's leading powerhouse avoid snap elections or an unstable minority government.
Some analysts said the SPD's "green light" is a sign to stabilize the EU after the Brexit.
The Union and the SPD reached a coalition agreement document in early February, detailing the main issues such as policy orientations, spending and which party will name ministers in the new government.