China-built power plant ready in Jordan

Added On March 6, 2018

A China-built power plant owned by Samra Electric Power Company (SEPCO)of Jordan, has completed its Phase IV recently with a capacity of 66.4 megawatt. Economy report has more.
The new power plant located in the city of Zarqa, some 35 km northeast of Jordan's capital Amman.
According to the Chinese constructor, the trial run test for 168 hours has successfully ended on March 4, which means the power plant is ready for commercial operation.  
The power plant is a combined cycle expansion project based on the original single-cycle unit, with the generating capacity of about 675 million KWH per year. 
This project is aiming at the efficient use of energy to ease the power shortage in Jordan, where 96 percent of the energy consumption rely on imports.
SOUNDBITE(English): SAMER AL MAANI, Project manager of SEPCO
"SEPCO III successfully finished the project to the satisfaction of the owner and the owner's engineers. Now we are in a reliability run stage and the project hopefully will be closed out within the coming new month."
SOUNDBITE(Chinese): LIU BAOJUN, Deputy manager of Samra IV project
"The construction of this project is the second cooperation between our company and Jordan Electricity Company. The successful operation of this project not only reflected our strong ability to perform contracts, but also strengthened the friendship between China and Jordan."