Tech expo in Nigeria

Added On March 7, 2018

On Monday, Nigeria announced the opening of a national technology innovation expo.
The country's Vice President Yemi Osinbajo says the exhibition marks a new chapter in Nigeria's economic development.
Held in the Nigerian capital of Abuja, the five-day expo is expected to showcase some of the latest technical innovations. These include Africa's first fully functional wooden car and a prototype airplane model drone.
Vice President Yemi Osinbajo says Nigeria is serious about moving the economy from a resource-based model to a knowledge-based model.
"At home and abroad, Nigerians have always demonstrated remarkable ingenuity and innovation and we know that with the right environment and government support, there is no limit to how far Nigeria can go, especially in respect to innovation, research and entrepreneurship. ((DELETE-Innovation will create jobs, it will attract investments, it will improve export and it will grow our economy.))"  
Nigeria's Minister of Science and Technology said the country is aiming to engage the world, using science and technology to drive its economic development.
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH) OGBONNAYA ONU, Nigerian Minister of Science and Technology
"The essence of having this expo is to expose these inventions to those who can commercialise them. That assistance they are looking for, they will get it here. We also have a technical session that is also going on and the technical session is trying to let our inventors know how they can, for example, commercialise their research findings, so they can protect their intellectual property. ((DELETE - We are doing everything to make sure that we give them the type of support that they need.))"
The national expo is expected to facilitate the growth of indigenous manufacturing, particularly in the areas of science, technology, and innovation.