Forrest: Australia, China must nourish ties

Added On March 8, 2018

Andrew Forrest is the founder and chairman of Fortescue Metals Group, one of the world's leading iron ore producers.
He said Australian media had "overreacted" to some small events in China-Australia relations with sensationalized reports.
Forrest had made a powerful speech earlier last week at a Chinese New Year function co-hosted by the Australian China Business Council and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Australia.
He said Australia has disregarded its friendship with China that defines Australian modernity, and their shared humanity in the coming future.
We have listened too much to immature alarmists and not enough to each other. We have neglected the nourishment of our greatest friendship -- China and Australia must nourish that friendship. 
In his interview with CNC, Forrest said that both Australia and China need to appreciate their friendship and long shared history.
According to Forrest, Australia's excellent fiscal relationship with China has helped Australia to achieve 27 years' of uninterrupted economic growth, a world record in modern history.
Forrest asked Australians to stand with him and "respect and celebrate the Chinese community's deep roots in Australia, and the vital role China has played in the strength and cultural richness of Australia."