Experts on China's economic achievements

Added On March 8, 2018

China's economic planner on Tuesday expressed confidence in achieving the 6.5 percent annual growth target. 
What will China's economic growth mean to other countries?  Experts from Australia and the United States have their opinions.  
James Laurenceson, a professor with University of Technology Sydney, said Australia is counting on a robust Chinese economy.
The professor said that one of the most important things for Australia is its economic relationship with China. 
SOUNDBITE: JAMES LAURENCESON, Prof. at University of Technology Sydney
"So we will be looking for signs that economic reform in China remains on track because, frankly, as long as China is growing robustly, it’s a very good story for the Australian economy as well."
The professor referred to a World Bank report, saying that over the last 40 years, China has lifted 850 million people out of poverty.
Khairy Tourk, a professor with Illinois Institute of Technology, also has something to say about China's economic achievements. 
SOUNDBITE: KHAIRY TOURK, Prof. at Illinois Institute of Technology
“The Chinese economy has improved tremendously in the last four decades. In 1978, the per capita income was only 300 dollars, now it is 8,000 dollars, that makes the country a mid-income nation. "
Tourk said that China's progress is largely due to its reform and opening up, as well as the idea of“a community with a shared future for mankind.”