NYSE expects more from China's IPO

Added On March 13, 2018

According to New York Stock Exchange official, IPO by Chinese companies were extremely robust in 2017. 
The official suggests the strong momentum is expected to continue in 2018.
Alex Ibrahim, head of International Capital Markets for the New York Stock Exchange, or NYSE, says that China's robust momentum of IPO is likely to carry on.
SOUNBITE(English): ALEX IBRAHIM, International Capital Markets for the NYSE
"When I go outside U.S., talk about listings, everyone asks me, where you see most of the listings coming from?China, No. 1, followed by Latin America, Brazil, Argentina, third Canada, Europe will be the last one. Maybe we will see some activity in central to eastern Europe, but China, by far, that's where we see growth."
According to Alex, the NYSE listed 35 non-U.S. companies in 2017, of which nine were from China. It is the No. 1 in terms of new listings among all the countries and regions.
So far, 87 companies from China have been listed on the NYSE. Both large state-owned enterprises and cutting-edge tech and financial tech companies are included. 
They add up to over a trillion US dollars in market cap.
In March, two more Chinese companies are expected to list on NYSE.
Alex says more and more non-U.S. companies are returning to the U.S. market. To date more than 500 non-U.S. companies are listed on the NYSE.