Live performance debuts in Istanbul

Added On March 13, 2018

A young artist is isolated in the attic of an Istanbul building, as part of a 28-day continuous performance. There, he is relying on others to provide food and feed him.
This is one of nine performances in a live, long-haul show, titled "Needed: You", currently making its debut in Istanbul.
Ata Dogruel said he is inquiring into the relationship between people and society, and between social dynamics and the limits of being an individual.
For his performance, Dogruel has divided the attic into two parts. 
One part painted in black, the other in white, with a table and two chairs standing in the middle. 
When he feels hungry, he spends time inside the black quarter. 
When he is  full, he goes inside the white part. 
He refrains from talking throughout his performance.
Dogruel's show is part of the performance titled "Needed: YOU". 
The show is the first of it's kind in Turkey, and features art performances by ten Turkish artists.
The live show is being performed on all six floors of Performistanbul, a dedicated space for performance art.
The curator of the show said the event welcomes the audience to actively participate in the whole process. 
The curator said that Turks are ready to experience something new in the art scene and the interaction with artists is appealing to them more than ever.
More than 2,000 visitors have come so far. the curator is expecting another 2,000 before the performance ends on March 16.