US tariff plan latest-EU slams trade bullies

Added On March 14, 2018

Turning to the latest on U.S. tariff plan...
Trump's announcement of import tariffs of 25 percent on steel and 10 percent on aluminium has sparked fears of a trade war.
The EU said the bloc "will stand up to the bullies" over protectionism as tensions continue over U.S. tariffs.
The EU's trade commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom said protectionism was being "used as a weapon to threaten and intimidate" the bloc.
Cecilia Malmstrom was speaking at a conference in Brussels, following discussions at the weekend with US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.
Those talks are to resume this week.
The EU said that its exports should be excluded from the measures.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel said Monday that Europe must be ready to respond to the United State's decision, but said she hoped for talks on the issue.
Meanwhile, World Trade Organization (WTO) Director-General Roberto Azevedo also warned of the potential "domino effect" of U.S. tariff plan.
Trump decided to raise the import tariffs on steel and aluminum products, drawing worldwide criticism as many countries are worried about a trade war.
He signed the measures on Thursday last week in a ceremony at the White House attended by steel and aluminium workers.
In another development, Mr Trump tweeted on Monday that Commerce Secretary would be speaking to EU representatives about "eliminating the large tariffs and barriers they use against the USA".