Police: 3 package bombings in Texas "related"

Added On March 14, 2018

US Police in Austin, Texas, said on Monday that they have cause to believe the three package bombings in the past 10 days were "related." 
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Two separate explosions occurred on Monday in Austin, capital of Texas, killing a teenager and wounding two women. 
Local police said a bomb went off at a local's home on Monday after a teenager brought in a package left on his front porch and opened it. 
Another blast occurred some five hours later at a home about 8 km away from the first explosion. 
Emergency personnel said the blast left a woman in her 70s with potentially life threatening injuries. 
On March 2, a package blast rocked another Austin home, killing a man. 
Austin Police said Monday all three explosions seemed to be "related" and that they were not ruling anything out in the investigation.
Local police warned the community to be aware of any unexpected packages.
They advised citizens not to open them, but to call 911. 
"We want the community to be aware that this has happened, and obviously there is the possibility that these are related. So if you find any suspicious packages on your front porch, at your residence, do not handle them. But instead, call 911, and let us come out and take a look at those packages, make sure they are safe.”
Texas governor's office is offering a reward of up to 15,000 U.S. dollars for any information leading to the arrest or identification of the explosions' perpetrators.