Polish crew Antarctic circumnavigation record

Added On April 8, 2018

A team of eight Polish sailors have made their way to a Tasmanian port in Australia for a well earned rest.
They have become the first crew to circumnavigate Antarctica below the 60th parallel.
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The 72-foot Katharsis II officially completed the loop on March 21 after 72 days in the world's most treacherous and bone-chilling seas.
The crew had faced extremely challenging conditions including icebergs, snow and powerful winds.
Around 1,000 nautical miles southwest of Tasmania's capital Hobart, the oyster class yacht was hit by a massive rogue wave during an intense storm.
It caused the mainsail to swing to the other side of the vessel in an uncontrolled gybe.
As a result, the boat was knocked down and all of the crew were thrown into the icy water.
Luckily, the sailors were tethered to the boat and survived without injury.