German strike results in aviation chaos

Added On April 11, 2018

Thousands of passengers were grounded across Germany on Tuesday, as public sector employees went on strike.
Around 1100 flights were canceled in all, with daycare, health clinics and waste disposal services also hit.
On Tuesday, the so-called "warning strikes" coordinated by the trade union ver.di led to hundreds of canceled flights.
The disruption was so severe, that Cologne-Bonn international airport closed entirely for several hours.  
Additionally, large numbers of daycare centers, healthcare clinics, waste disposal- and transport services remained closed on Tuesday.
The Ver.di union is demanding a six percent pay-rise for some 2.3 million government employees, and hopes the walkout will increase pressure ahead of the next round of negotiations on April 15. 
Ver.di president expressed sympathy for the thousands of passengers left stranded, but defended the action as "acceptable".
However, the German Airports Association criticized the strikes as disproportionate. 
Lufthansa alone canceled more than 800 international connections, including 58 long-haul flights on Tuesday.  
Around 90,000 travellers were affected.