World hails Xi's speech in BOAO

Added On April 13, 2018

Chinese President Xi Jinping's keynote speech delivered at the Boao Forum for Asia is drawing international attention.
After the speech, experts around the globe expressed their confidence and aspirations towards China's future development.
Hosuk Lee-Makiyama, Director of European Centre for International Political Economy (ECIPE), expressed his confidence in China's future reform and for a big leap in improving poeple's lovelihood. 
"This is I think we have seen the crowning moment of the Chinese people and of course it is well worth of the congratulation from the rest of the world that China has taken its place in the world economy and also it is an evidence I think for the world that Chinese people just want what everybody else want which is the better future for themselves and to give their children the same kind of hopes and dreams that they wish to pass on in Europe or in the United States. And I think it is time for the world to understand that. Chinese are entitled to that dream."
Duncan Freeman, Research scholar at the College of Europe, said the Xi Jinping's speech echoed China’s position in global trade and investment issues.
"I think it was a very comprehensive statement on China’s position, globally speaking, on trade and investment issues. A lot of the focus was on the U.S dimension but in fact it was not just about U.S. dimension. It was about China’s domestic development in the relationship between China’s development and and its global economy. He made a strong and clear statement, commitment on the behalf of the Chinese government to opening trade and investment so in that sense it is a very positive speech. Of course what we have to wait and see its implementation but still I think it is a positive massage that President Xi sent in that speech."
While discussing intellectual property issues, Freeman said, through Xi's speech, he can see that China is making progress in protecting intellectual property. 
I think you know President Xi said in a speech that intellectual property is important for China, it's not just about foreign investors in foreign companies, and I think that is to some extent the answer to the long-term problem, that if China is going to become serious about intellectual property enforcement, then it is because it's in its own interest not just because it's in the interest of foreign companies.