Innovative scientific forum in Cairo

Added On April 13, 2018

A technological forum for young Egyptian and Chinese inventors and researchers kicked off earlier this week in Cairo. 
The forum, called "IDEA", is one of the largest Egyptian-Chinese scientific gatherings of the year.  
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About 100 young inventors attended the event sponsored by the Egyptian Ministry of Telecom and the Chinese company Infinix.
It is one of Egypt's biggest forums for young inventors and researchers in different scientific fields. 
Most of the attendees received prizes for their scientific achievements.
Henry Park, the Regional Marketing Manager of Infinix, said a number of innovators and inventors have expressed interest in further cooperation.
SOUNDBITE(Chinese): HENRY PARK, Marketing Manager of Infinix Egypt:
 "Today we are honored to be here as a sponsor, showing our respect and support to young Egyptian inventors. As a smartphone company, we pay a lot of attention to the development of technology, and are dedicated to providing better service to our costumers."
SOUNDBITE(Arabic): MOHAMED ABDELSALAM, Egyptian Organization for Simplifying Science:
"Unfortunately, we have a problem with scientific research in Egypt. A researcher could work for years and then have their research dropped. So our role in such forums is to facilitate communication between researchers and businessmen and companies."
The event brings together experts in the mobile phone technology industry, including the Egyptian Institute for the Simplification of Science, which says it is keen to support young people in the field of science and technology.