Self-driving electric trucks at Tianjin port

Added On April 15, 2018

A self-driving electric truck has successfully completed testing at China's Tianjin Port on Thursday.
The domestically-developed truck is equipped with laser radars, HD cameras and intelligent computing abilities. It completed operations such as driving, parking, container loading and unloading, as well as responding to roadblocks.
Soundbite: ZHU LIANYI, Official with Tianjin Port
"Compared to traditional diesel-engine trucks,the operation cost of  self-driving trucks is much lower. They are more intelligent and efficient.They also have zero-emissions,which contribute to our environmentally-friendly development."
Boasting a world-class driving system,the truck can run for 120 km when fully loaded, and charge fully within one hour.
Automated container wharves are the future trend for the development of ports. 
And self-driving trucks offer a logistics solution for the construction of automated ports.
In 2017, Tianjin Port registered a throughput of over 15 million standard containers.
The port aims to increase that number to 18 million in 2020.