Syria crisis

Added On April 16, 2018

Now to the latest on the joint missile attacks in Syria.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said the U.S.-led missile strike on Syria came with a campaign of lies.
Assad on Sunday described the missile attack as a campaign of lies and misdirection from the UN Security Council against Syria and Russia.
He made the remarks during his meeting with a delegation from a Russian Federation in Damascus. 
Assad said the attack proved that both countries were fighting not only against terrorism but also in breach of the international law regarding countries' sovereignty.  
But other parties maintained their stance, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterating Israel's support for the tripartite strike on Syria.
"Israel fully supports President Trump's decision to act against the use of chemical weapons in Syria. Israel welcomes the participation of British Prime Minister T"
The U.S., together with Britain and France, launched missile strikes in Syria on Saturday.
They said the actions were a response to an alleged chemical weapon attack by the Syrian military, which was strongly denied by the Syrian government.
French President Emmanuel Macron on Sunday said he was ready to talk to all parties, including Russia and Iran, to pave the way for inclusive political transition in the war-torn Syria.
On the same day, Russian President Vladimir Putin said further actions violating the UN charter such as the recent U.S.-led strikes on Syria would result in chaos in international relations.
The UN Security Council held an emergency meeting on the missile attack at Russia's request but failed to approve a resolution condemning the operation.