Syria intercepts missles on two air bases

Added On April 17, 2018

Syrian air defenses have reportedly responded to a missile strike that targeted two national air force bases.
According to War Media, the media wing of the Syrian army, the Syrian air defenses intercepted the majority of the six missiles targeting the Shayrat air base in the central province of Homs.
The report said three other missiles targeting the Dumair air base in the eastern Qalamoun region north of Damascus were all intercepted before reaching their targets.
The state news agency SANA reported that Israel is more likely to be behind the attack as the Pentagon denied carrying out operations on the aforementioned military air bases.
The attack came just days after the U.S., France, and Britain launched a missile strike on Syrian military positions in the capital Damascus and in Homs last Saturday.
The allied forces claimed the actions were a response to an alleged chemical weapon attack by the Syrian military, which the Syrian government emphatically denied.