Chinese embassy in US holds open house event

Added On May 8, 2018

Over 3,200 people visited the Chinese Embassy in Washington, D.C. on Saturday.
The visit was part of the yearly Around the World Embassy Tour, a signature cultural event  in the U.S. capital.
This year was the first time the Chinese embassy opened its doors to the public.
The Chinese Embassy's 2018 open House offered a rare look inside the embassy building, and gave the public a unique to find out more about China's cultural heritage and traditions.
Visitors to the Embassy were given the chance to tour the embassy's chancery building, and enjoy Chinese artwork,performances and shows.
Guests could see martial arts?displays, Beijing Operas scenes, and calligraphy and tea art demonstrations. 
There were also many hands-on activities, such as a Chinese cuisine?tasting, a photo booth featuring China's landmarks, and photo opportunity?with a giant panda.
Cui Tiankai, Chinese ambassador to the U.S., gave a warm welcome to the guests in his opening address.
Cui said?the event was held in order to foster greater connections and promote?further understanding between Chinese and U.S.?citizens.
He expressed his hopes?that?the American public would?gain a better?understanding of both China and its people through the Open House event.
"Today, when you embark on this journey of experiencing China, I hope that you will learn more about China and its people, their life and spiritual world, their past as well as their present, and a future they aspire to have. Better mutual understanding between our two peoples will be the strongest foundation for China-US relations in a rapidly changing world. And you can all become true envoys between our two great countries."