Syrian Air Depenses Destroy Israeli Missiles

Added On May 11, 2018

Syria's news agency SANA has reported Syrian air defenses have made an effective response to Israeli missile strikes, destroying many of the missiles.  
The agency quoted the Syrian army as saying Israeli missile strikes targeted military positions on Thursday, killing three soldiers and wounding two others.
The Syrian army described the attack as a "flagrant aggression", saying it would only lead the Syrian army to achieve more against terrorist groups across Syria.
It also stressed it would confront any attack with "full responsibility and decisiveness."
Earlier in the day, Syrian air defense missiles lit up the sky over Damascus as forces tracked and targeted Israeli missiles.
The Israeli attack started on Wednesday after Israel  targeted military positions in Qunaitera.  Syria retaliated by shelling Israeli military positions in the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights.
With cross-border tension increasing, Israel started shelling other military posts in Syria.