Migratory bird day-migratory birds threatened across spain

Added On May 13, 2018

Saturday marks World Migratory Bird Day.
A Spanish charity is using the day to highlight the dangers they face, such as pollution and illegal hunting.
Lifestyles explains.
Spain is along the route of many species which migrate between northern and central Europe and Africa.
It is a welcome stopping point where birds can feed and rest.
However, the birds also face many challenges along the way.
"There are many dangerous situations along the flight which are caused by human beings, such as illegal hunting.There are also electricity pylons and wind generators built along their routes,making it complicated for the birds to migrate."
The charity SEO Birdlife wants to raise awareness about these dangerous situations, and make sure that the survival of these species is everyone's responsibility.
"Protecting the migratory birds requires international cooperation, because they don't know borders; they breed in one country, spend winter in another and on their journey they cross through other countries. So it is vital that every country knows that it is important to protect them so we can continue to enjoy their spectacular flights."
The migratory birds form part of our everyday life - we see them and hear their songs in our gardens, woods and wetlands. And we would surely miss them if they went.
Now is the time to protect the birds, before it's too late.