Photo exhibition explores nights of london

Added On May 13, 2018

A special photography exhibition has kicked off in the Museum of London...
... exploring the capital city after dark. 
Lifestyles went to find out more.
In the exhibition named "London Nights", a unique fusion of historical, conceptual and nocturnal imagery is explored -  from the evening commute to the glittering club scene and the city's darker underbelly. 
It merges more than 200 pieces of work, created by some of the best photographers from both the past and the present. 
One of the oldest photos was taken in 1896, themed the night scene of Embankment. 
This exhibition consists of three parts, which are London Illuminated, Dark Matters, Switch on Switch off.
"This is an exhibition, and it looks at the night through the perspective of photography. It is very much about their approaches and their individual attempts to capture the night in a creative way. It is not a history of the night; it is about this of different visuals and different ways in which we can see the night from different angles."
The second part of the exhibition, Dark Matters, traverses the capital’s unknown.
It sets foot into a world of darkness, and explores themes of threat and vulnerability, both real and imagined.
"One of my favourite pieces is by Mitra Tabrizian. And it shows a night-time Taxi driver, but the images so staged documentary. So, it is a real taxi driver but in a post situation and it gives us an opportunity to look and consider night-time workers, as well as the relationship he has with the night, watching people go home for the evening through those cab journeys. And consider his relationship and how he manages the night-time in a sort of the moment that we do not get to see."
The London Nights exhibition runs until November the 11th.