First Iraq elections since IS defeat

Added On May 13, 2018

Millions of Iraqis headed to polling stations across the country to elect the next parliament on Saturday.
It marks the first election since Iraq defeated the Islamic State group.
The polls kicked off at 7:00 a.m. local time.
Iraq's President Fuad Masum cast his vote at a polling center in Baghdad.
He eariler said there exists a channel of dialogue between the central government and the Kurdistan region, when asked about post-election ties between the two sides.
According to a senior official, more than ten million Iraqis voted. 
As of Sunday morning, the turnout has reached 44.5 percent with votes of over 4,000 polling stations uncounted.
Iraq is beset by chronic corruption, violence and poor governance.
Voters hope the election can make a difference to their lives.
"With opposition to corruption in the democratic process in Iraq, with aversion to the corrupt people participating in the election, we come to vote today in order to make some changes. We call for all Iraqis to come to vote today thus to realize real democracy, to punish all the corrupt people."
About 7,000 candidates, representing 205 political entities, will compete for the 329 parliamentary seats to form a new government which will rule Iraq for the next four years.