Chinese artworks exhibition in Greece

Added On May 14, 2018

An exhibition of Chinese contemporary artworks has kicked off in Greece, highlighting the Chinese value "harmony is precious."
Lifestyles takes a look. 
Entitled "Art and Peace," the exhibition was inaugurated on Thursday at the State Museum of Contemporary Art in the northern Greek city of Thessaloniki.
SOUNDBITE(CHINESE): XU LI, Vice President of China Artists Association
"Art and Peace, the theme of the exhibition responds to the relationship of our countries, because we would like to further strengthen our bilateral relations with Greece. With the One Belt One Road Initiative, we would also like to show our traditions to the whole world."
With over 40 works of different styles, shapes and forms, the exhibition offers a vivid picture of contemporary art in China and embodies the constant pursuit of peace and well-being.
SOUNDBITE(GREEK): MARIA TSANTSANOGLOU, Director, State Museum of Contemporary Art
"This exhibition offers a very good opportunity to communicate with the Chinese Artist's Association, because I think the cooperation will not end here. We have already met, and we have already been in a process to discuss further partnerships in the future."  
The event is part of the project "Journey of Chinese art in the world."
Launched in 2016, the exhibition has already been successfully held in Denmark, Italy, Finland, Georgia and Brussels.
The exhibition will last until May 27.