Protests in Buenos Aires against gov't IMF decision

Added On May 16, 2018

Following the government's decision to ask for aid from the International Monetary Fund(IMF), protestors marched through the streets of Buenos Aires to express their discontent.
Monday's protest was organised by the General Confederation of Labor, the Argentinean Confederation of Transport Workers, and the National Union Youth. 
The march saw demonstrators gather in Plaza Lavalle in front of the square's iconic obelisk.
The protestors also marched against a rise in prices for public services. 
"Today, the Argentinean workers are having a hard time getting to the end of the month and being able to cover their basic needs."
Protestors dressed in outlandish costumes, criticizing the government's financial policies. 
"Argentina returns to the International Monetary Fund. Obviously, to the workers it seems we are returning to one of the darkest pasts, since we know that the IMF sets rules once it enters each country after a loan and those rules are always against the workers."
Last Tuesday, Argentina's finance minister travelled to Washington for a meeting with the Managing Director of the IMF, Christine Lagarde.
According to analysts, the amount offered by the IMF to Argentina will probably range between 20 and 30 billion dollars.
The Argentinean peso is plummeting against the dollar and inflation rates in the country have hit 25 percent.