Int'l electronic language festival in RIO

Added On May 16, 2018

The International Electronic Language Festival is putting on a fully interactive exhibition in Rio de Janeiro.
The event exhibits over 120 works by renowned artists from Brazil and abroad and blends arts and technology.
Let's take a look.
The "Disruptiva" exhibition contains interactive artistic and scientific displays that play with the concept of the observer and the observed.
SOUNDBITE(Portuguese) MARCELO FERNANDEZ, Director of the Disruptiva Exhibition:
"In this exhibition we have around 120 works by 85 artists from more than 29 countries."
Visitors can touch, pull, and even climb on the artistic pieces, pushing the limits of the sensory experience.
"It was wonderful. In that moment I felt like I was in Katrina, in the United States, but then I had a feeling of comfort and well-being. Very good."
Can you imagine being vacuum sealed?
Or if you suddenly became a sandwich?
The "Disruptiva" exhibit allows you to experience both of these odd sensations, as well as many others.
SOUNDBITE(Portuguese) MARCELO FERNANDEZ, Director of the Disruptiva Exhibition:
"It exceeded all expectations. It is very good when we see people in our space lining up to enter and we see them enjoying, researching, participating and rating our work favourably. "
The free exhibition is open to the public until June 14th, attempting to show that art can go way beyond just looking at a painting or sculpture--it can literally touch your life.