Chinese develop a photonic quantum chip

Added On May 17, 2018

For years, computer engineers have made faster machines by putting more and more processors onto each chip.
But in recent years, they've hit a wall - with physical limits making it difficult to go any smaller.
Quantum computing could be the answer.
And thanks to a new breakthrough by Chinese scientists - these experimental machines might be one step closer.
In traditional computing, a bit has two possible states: on or off. One or zero. 
But in quantum computing, "q-bits" can be paired off to hold a lot more information at any one time. More states: more power.
Now Chinese scientists have reported a three-dimensional photonic chip with a scale of up to 49-by-49 nodes.
A quantum communication researcher with Shanghai Jiaotong University, led the study-saying that it is the largest-scaled chip reported so far that allows for the realization of this two-dimensional quantum walk in real spatial space.
At present, scientists struggle to increase the number of connections in quantum computers before errors creep in and the system becomes unstable.
However, by using a two dimensional approach, quantum simulators, can be built in a straightforward way, and solve?practical problems directly.
While still in its infancy - the system has potential to outpower traditional computers.
And thanks to this breakthrough, scientists say that day may come a lot sooner.