China's silk road exhibition in Algeria

Added On May 17, 2018

An exhibition in Algeria titled "The Road of Silk and Knowledge" is dedicated to paying tribute to the oldest trading route in the world, as part of the country's celebration of the International Day of Living Together.
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Several artists, authors and writers are exhibiting their works and are expected to attend conferences with regard to the subject of the Great Silk Road and its contribution to humanity.
Officials from Algeria and China have paid a visit to the exhibition.
The event is aimed at marking the International Day of Living Together by linking it to the Silk Road, which connects the East and the West as a symbol of rapprochement between countries and peoples.
AZEDDINE MIHOUBI,Algerian Minister of Culture
"This exhibition is part of the rapprochement between the peoples, and the relations between Algeria and China are deeply historical... The revival of the Silk Road project is the revival of a dream that used to connect many peoples together. This exhibition displays two pictures about China: an old China, and a modern China, which embraces the age of modernity with wonderful cultural achievements.”
“The idea of organizing this exhibition came from my travel to Uzbekistan, where I fell in love with the country and the idea of the Silk Road, which of course comes from China and continues through Europe.”
The International Day of Living Together has been adopted by the United Nations following a proposal submitted by Algeria.
The exhibition is expected to run for one month.