Toyota to provide fuel cell trucks to 7-11 STORES

Added On June 8, 2018

On Wednesday, Toyota announced that next spring, it will provide two hydrogen fuel cell delivery trucks to two Seven-Eleven convenience stores in Tokyo.
The move is part of the auto giant's latest efforts to further increase the use of its zero carbon emission vehicles.
In recent years, Toyota has dedicated to promoting its fuel cell cars.
From 2019, its trucks will be used by Seven-Eleven, keeping food cold, and with the capacity to travel around 200 kilometers on a tank of hydrogen and electricity, generated by a fuel cell within the vehicle.
The move is also one of the measures taken by Seven-Eleven, Japan's largest chain of convenience stores, to reduce CO2 emissions throughout its entire supply chain.
Seven-Eleven also plans to use fuel cell generators in store, to generate electricity from hydrogen.

Toyota Executive Vice President Shigeki Tomoyama said that, through this joint project with Seven-Eleven, Toyota hopes to promote a stable demand for hydrogen-powered vehicles and expand the potential of their fuel cell business.