Added On June 8, 2018

For centuries, explorers have spoken of a legendary settlement, located in Honduras, Central America.
Known as the "White City", it is said that people who lived there worshipped a monkey god.
In recent years, a group of archaeologists led by American explorer Steve Elkins have made breakthrough discoveries about the region.
This year, a book depicting their adventures is set to be released in Chinese.
Even before his quest to find the White City, Steven Elkins was already successful in the TV and film industry.
However, in 1994, he began a new chapter in his life, drawing him deep into the world of exploration.
SOUNDBITE: STEVE ELKINS, American explorer
"I've always had an interest and background in the sciences. In fact, I have studied archaeology as a student at the university. So this is always in the back of my mind. During my career in television, I tried to steer myself towards programs about science and adventure. In the early 90s, I was interested in doing my own program about it. At that time, I met a person, who was an adventurer and explorer, and he told me this incredible lost city legend in the jungles of Honduras. Of course, I immediately became fascinated by it. I thought we gotta go try find this place and make a TV show about it. That's how it started."
Like many adventurers, Elkins' efforts in finding the lost city were more than difficult.
As they ventured deep into the jungle, he and his teammates were faced with life-threatening snakes and parasites every day. Many of them are still suffering from the after effects.
However, their efforts were not in vein, and they were lucky enough to obtain significant evidence of the existence of the lost city.
SOUNDBITE: STEVE ELKINS, American explorer
"I had several major challenges putting together this expedition. The first one is getting the money and arranging the politics to make it happen. Then, planing the logistics and going there was also extraordinarily difficult. No matter how well one plans an adventure like this or mission, something goes wrong every day. So you have to have plan A, plan B, plan C, and sometimes you have to make it up as you go and hope you have the abilities to overcome these obstacles."
Douglas Preston, an American best-selling author, wrote a book about the adventures.
So far, the book has been published in different languages in many countries around the world, sparking great interest among readers of all ages.
And in September, the book is set to be released in Chinese.
Steve Elkins looks forward to going back to the jungle in Honduras, and hopes to reveal more about the lost city of the monkey god, and share it with the world.
SOUNDBITE: STEVE ELKINS, American explorer
"We’ve been very successful in the last few years finding the lost city and we found two of them. We have teams of archaeologist, other scientists that are studying the jungle as well as the cultural patrimonium. We are hoping we are going to continue this work for a number of years and I'm planning another mission to find another place I know about in Honduras that may be just as exciting as the first one."