Photo exhibiton in Turkey show Shanghai's reform

Added On June 10, 2018

2018 marks forty years since China began its reform and opening up.
On Friday, a university in Istanbul held a photo exhibition, showing how the Chinese city of Shanghai has changed since its reform and opening up.
The exhibition at Bogazici University displayed 78 photos, exploring the fields of urban construction, culture, education, technology and economy.
Bogazici University is located in Istanbul, the sister city of Shanghai.
They have been sister cities since 1989 and, in 2008, Istanbul's Bogazici University co-established a Confucius Institute with Shanghai University.
Mehmed Ozkan, rector of Bogazici University, said the exhibition shows how successful Shanghai has been in implementing reform and opening up in the past four decades.
Jin Donghan, president of Shanghai University, spoke highly of the work carried out through the Confucius Institute, including joint research, exchange programs, and a wide range of projects in the fields of language teaching and cultural exchange.