Syria's aleppo under reconstruction

Added On June 11, 2018

About 70 percent of the infrastructure facilities in Syria's northern city of Aleppo have been under reconstruction since the Syrian army had regained the full control of the city in late 2016.
After Aleppo's liberation from the rebels, the streets were cleared from the rubble amid efforts to rehabilitate bridges and intersections in the city, once known as the economic hub of Syria.
The efforts are considered as a prelude to the large-scale reconstruction process of the largely destroyed parts in east Aleppo.
Fares Fares, an executive member of the Aleppo Municipal Palace, said that the first stage of the rehabilitation process was clearing the streets. It took three to four months to open the main roads and later the sub-routes.
SOUNDBITE(ARABIC): FARES FARES, Executive Member,  Municipal Palace
"The scale of the destruction is big but we have almost removed all of the rubble from the streets and we are now rehabilitating the infrastructure. We have completed 70 percent. We are overcoming the difficulties with national efforts, but the reconstruction process needs foreign companies in addition to the national cadres that we have."
Fares said that all the rehabilitation efforts have so far been implemented locally, without any help from foreign companies despite the wide-scale destruction.
Local restoring efforts will pave the way for reconstruction process in cooperation with foreign companies from "friendly countries."
SOUNDBITE(ARABIC): FARES FARES, Executive Member,  Municipal Palace
"We are ready to receive companies from Russia and China or any other friendly countries, which have a desire in taking part in the reconstruction process in Syria." 
He said a large number of the construction machines owned by the Syrian government had been destroyed by the terrorist groups. This has generated a need for heavy machines and large capital stocks.
Jisr al-Haj, or the al-Haj Bridge, is one of the important bridges in Aleppo as it connects the western parts of Aleppo with the eastern neighborhoods and the airport of Aleppo.
The bridge witnessed several explosions ahead of the rebels' withdrawal from the eastern part of the city.
"The al-Haj Bridge is an important part of the traffic system in Aleppo city and is considered as an important crosspoint in the southern part of the city as it's one of the main routes for delivering goods to many neighborhoods. There have been some difficulties in the implementation of the rehabilitation projects as this bridge is prefabricated and needed big machines to lift it up and we had lost such machines when the terrorists were in the city"
Aleppo may become a leading example for starting reconstruction in Syria, whose entire cities are in ruins with an estimated restoring cost of over 250 billion U.S. dollars.