Dragon boat race in Zagreb

Added On June 11, 2018

The dragon boat race, a traditional event deeply-rooted in China for river sacrifice, is regarded by the Chinese as their way of preserving their culture.
Right around the end of May and the start of June, the Chinese Embassy and Confucius Institute at the University of Zagreb organized a dragon boat race in the Croatian capital Zagreb to celebrate the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival.
About 200 people from twelve teams participated in the race that took place at Jarun Lake, the biggest lake in the capital.
Most of the participants were students who are studying Chinese language at the Confucius Institute.
Among them were Chinese people who live in Croatia and local citizens who decided to be a part of the festival.
SOUNDBITE(English), HU ZHAOMING, Chinese ambassador in Croatia:
"This is a traditional festival in China. We are glad that so many Croatian people are joining us. This is a good platform for people to know each other's culture. To understand each other’s culture is very important for cooperation between our two countries."
The twelve teams took around three hours to finish the 250-meter race. After several rounds, a team of high school students were awarded the championship.
SOUNDBITE(English), DIN MUSOVIC, Participant from the champion team:
"It was quite a good experience. I was never before in an occasion like this so I will remember it because it is something we associate with Chinese culture."