Added On June 12, 2018


An Interior Ministry source said that the incident took place in the afternoon in the electoral commission's warehouses in Gailani neighborhood.
It contains ballot boxes of the eastern side of Risafa in Baghdad and electronic counting devices.
Heavy black smoke rose above the site as the fire extended to three out of six warehouses.
A few hours later, the fire was under control, as the security forces sealed off the scene and prevented media from entering the warehouses.
The warehouses are owned by the Iraqi Trade Ministry and rented by the electoral commission to store thousands of ballot boxes.
The burned ballot boxes are part of a manual recount of votes, after the Iraqi parliament on June 6 approved recount of votes in all polling stations across Iraq.
Many Iraqi parties have complained about alleged irregularities and forgery in the parliamentary election.
The complaints put IHEC under pressure, as the electoral commission has not carried out manual recount of many ballot boxes and depended only on the electronic count of the votes.
On May 12, millions of Iraqis went to 8,959 polling centers across the country to vote for their parliamentary representatives in the first general election after Iraq's historic victory over the Islamic State group last December.