Added On June 12, 2018


According to the IDF, the tunnel was operational and was a part of "Hamas attempts to break the naval blockade."
The IDF said that it was the 10th tunnel destroyed in recent months, but this one was "'unlike" any of the previous ones due to the submerged portion of it.
The tunnel was situated 3 km south of the Gazan border with Israel but would allow divers "to exit the Gaza Strip without putting their heads above surface," or being detected by the Israeli navy.
According to the IDF, the tunnel was destroyed by the Israeli Air Force.
The IDF has recently announced the construction of an underwater barrier in the maritime border with the Gaza Strip in an attempt to thwart underwater infiltrations.
The Gaza Strip, which borders southern Israel, is controlled by the Hamas movement. Hamas does not recognize Israel and the two have fought several wars, the last one in the summer of 2014.
The war began with the discovery of a tunnel that Hamas constructed in order to infiltrate into Israel and carry out attacks.
Since then, Israel has been developing methods for detecting such tunnels.