Merkel: EU ready to retaliate in trade war with US

Added On June 13, 2018

German chancellor Angela Merkel has warned U.S. President Donald Trump that the European Union stands ready to retaliate in an escalating trade war between the two transatlantic powers.
On public television Sunday night,  Merkel said quote "We will not allow ourselves to be bamboozled repeatedly."
The chancellor's comments were made shortly after the U.S. president surprisingly withdrew support for a hard-won joint declaration on free trade signed at the recent Group of Seven meeting in Canada.
Trump announced his last-minute change of heart via Twitter, an unconventional channel for high-level diplomatic exchanges. Merkel described the circumstances as both "sobering" and "disheartening."
The federal government considers the final summit document to still be legally-binding.
Germany and the European Union also appear keen not to allow the U.S. to revert to increasingly protectionist policies.
According to Merkel, Germany had little choice but to react firmly to the erratic and unilateral approach adopted by Trump if did not want to appear "open to blackmail."
Merkel said the deterioration of transatlantic relations shows how Europe had "relied too easily" on Washington in the past.
She said it would now have to work towards a more unified and stronger EU to preserve its autonomy on the global stage.