London Tech Week

Added On June 13, 2018

"London Tech Week" has kicked off in London...
...bringing together 55,000 attendees, who will participate in over 300 events.
Chinses participants are regarded as important partners for Britain in the field of technology innovation.
As Europe’s largest festival of technology and innovation, "London Tech Week" brings together the best creative and tech minds from all over the world, showcasing the cutting edge technology which is changing people's lives.
Over the past five years, London has seen healthy growth in foreign direct investment projects from China.
And in 2017, London attracted over three times as many Chinese FDI projects as it did in 2013.
China has become the second largest investor in London, and London is the top destination for Chinese foreign direct investment in Western Europe.
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH): LAURA CITRON, Chief Executive of London & Partners
"Well, for us, China is one of our top priorities in terms of investment partner and innovation partner. We are really excited by all the innovation happening in China, particularly in AI and as London and Partners, we really want to help the fast-growing London companies to be able to go to China and work with Chinese businesses, but also to help the best Chinese businesses coming come to London and UK."
According to London and Partners, the Mayor of London's promotional agency, China's AI startup scheme received 48 percent of all equity funding in 2017, with the US taking 38 percent and the rest of the world receiving 13 percent.
The Mayor of London also used London Tech Week to launch a major city-wide initiative, harnessing London's tech talent in tackling some of the capital's most pressing challenges, including poor air quality, urban design, and digital connectivity.
SOUNDBITE(ENGLISH): LAURA CITRON, Chief Executive of London & Partners
"Well, AI is really important not only for business, but also to the way we run our cities. And I think that is a really exciting area for cooperation between London and Chinese cities like Beijing. And today, London has launched its plan, a smart London roadmap for how we are going to use technology to make London a better place to live, and a lot of that is about how we use AI. So, I am sure there's lots of potential to collaborate with cities around the world on that as well."
"London Tech Week" runs until June 17th.