Impression of China exhibit in Paris

Added On June 13, 2018

A new Chinese exhibition has opened at Paris's famous Louvre museum.
Giving Parisians a rare glimpse at some of China's ancient treasures.
Let's take a look.
Titled "Tradition and Creation," the collection includes dozens of cultural treasures from China's museums.
The exhibition is organized for the first time in Paris by Art Exhibition China as part of its "Impression of China" cultural campaign.
SOUNDBITE 1 (Mandarin): ZHAO GUSHAN, Art Exhibition China
"The exhibition is one of the activities that presents China to the world, which today has a significant importance. This is the first time that the 'Tradition and Creation' exhibition is presented as part of the 'Impression de Chine' campaign. It's also the first time that the exposition reaches the Louvre or any Paris museum."
Under the Louvre's lights, golden Chinese relics sparkle, and porcelain and glass shimmer.
Highlights of the exhibition include Zhan Ziqian's "Journey of Spring", and a bronze chariot sculpture from the Mausoleum of Emperor Qinshihuang.
SOUNDBITE 2 (French): PATRICK DAMBRON, Academy of French and Chines Cooperation
"It's clear that when one sees the jewels, with the finesse of its cuts, one finds it remarkable. It's more than remarkable -- it's extraordinary. We look at the pieces with eyes wide open."
The event also hopes to strengthen the cultural tie between China and France.
SOUNDBITE 3 (French): PATRICK DAMBRON, Academy of French and Chines Cooperation
"It's always important to share each other's cultures to each of our countries. We have differences but at the same time are similar, despite the distance, when it comes to cultural heritage. It's important to develop and bring this to life. These cultural exchanges help bring it to life -- not only to popularize it, but bring it to life."
The exhibition runs at Louvre's Museum of Decorative Arts until June 14th.